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Receive maximum return for your sponsorship. This is a great way to let your community know how much you love the Snoqualmie Valley!

You will receive:

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Social Media
Distinct Posts

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Color Logo 

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$1,500, $1,000, or $500

Great way to sponsor an area you are passionate about in the valley! Sponsoring a project does not mean you are responsible for that project, but that you want to invest in that specific project. With varying levels of commitment, you can get behind a cause you beleive in! 


Website Advertisement
$1,500 sponsorship: listed first
$1,000 sponsorship: listed second
$500 sponsorship: listed third 

Social Media
$1,500 sponsorship: distinct posts
$1,000 sponsorship: group posts
$500 sponsorship: 
group posts

$1,500 sponsorship: listed second
$1,000 sponsorship: listed third
$500 sponsorship: 
listed fourth

$1,500 sponsorship: large font
$1,000 sponsorship: medium font
$500 sponsorship: 
small font

Project Signs & Booth
Color Logo on project you selected to sponsor


Product Donation

From raffle items, give-aways, to project resources, in-kind sponsorship is a great way for your copmany to give product donations to help make Love Snoqualmie Valley happen! You will receive perks according to the value of your donation that align with the Ralley Event Sponsor or Project Sponsor levels.


According to level of sponsorship

Website Advertisement

Social Media Posts

Email Mentions

Flyer Mention

Event Signage

By sponsoring Love Snoqualmie Valley,
you are investing in our community.

You are putting your name on projects that make a difference and bring people together to serve side by side. Thank you for leading the way! 

Email info@lovesv.org to inquire about sponsorship.
These opportunities are not set in stone and our team is happy to work with you on a sponsorship level that works for you. 

Ready to Sponsor the Event?

If you are ready to commit as a sponsor, submit your contribution and send us an email at info@lovesv.org including any relevant details (e.g. your company logo, preferred company name, what project you want to sponsor, etc.)

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